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To build environmentally conscious communities that are in harmony with nature, EEK continuously implements a number of projects and initiatives in collaboration with its partners, donor agencies, community groups and government representatives. This is done through EEKs three main programs namely: Fisheries, Eco Clubs and the Chemical &Toxic substances program.

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How We Do It Our Main Programs

Chemical and Toxic Substances

The use and disposal of chemicals frequently poses a public and environmental health hazard. The over ten years experience in this program has heavily relied on our arm of advocacy. We have held seminars and implemented projects on prevention of lead in paint among other toxic substances. Our past collaborators include the UNDP, CEJAD KENYA and IPEN

Eco Clubs

Through the program, Eco Ethics Kenya has worked to promote environmental education awareness and sensitization to over 40 learning institutions within the Kenyan coast on conservation and climate change. Also through the program, EEK has managed to domesticate the annual world oceans day event now for over 10 years. Welcome to the year 2019 and let us work and support each other as we have in the recent past years.

Fisheries and Alternative Livelihoods

Through the program, we have been able to build capacity of coastal Kenya communities through beach management units and community groups to co exist with nature. We have recently implemented the fisheries improvement project for fisher folk communities in Munje with support from the Embassy of Japan.

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