Safaricom, NEMA, UNEP, and More Meeting for World Environment Day

On June 4th 2018, Saraficom, NEMA, and UNEP amongst other companies, CBOs, and NGOs took part in a pre-World Environment Day meeting which facilitated open discussion on environmental protection between a wide range of actors throughout Coast Region. The meeting was split into 3 parts: Speakers, Panel, Q&A which many members from a lot of organisations were able to showcase what their organisation has been able to do in furthering goals towards better environmental conditions for all.

During the speaker session, many of the keynote speakers Raised points about the importance of environmental education in paving Kenya’s way forwards towards sustainable development. Furthermore, there was a clear emphasis of the importance of networking in forums such as this one - to ensure coalition between organisations. Collaboration is central in advocating for better a environment for all, as EcoEthics it is key that the organisation is in conversation with groups such as UNEP and NEMA and more, because all facets of life impact the environment therefore organisations with interact with both: social and environmental systems are key to network with and learn from.

The main topic discussed in the panel was the issue of PET plastic and a general lack of waste management throughout Mombasa. The panelists were as follows: Safaricom rep, CEO of Ocean Sole, NEMA rep, and  KAM rep - showcasing a wide range of perspectives and insights into this issue. The panelists uncovered a cycle which can help change current conditions (which are not appropriate for effective environmental protection): Cycle: creating awareness → demonstrating → economic value → showing solutions towards SDGs → back to awareness (Ocean Sole follows a similar cycle). However, a question on whether there is a “recycling culture” fostered within Kenyan society brought forth compelling reason for the lack of environment and social focused legislation as well as societal attitudes.

The question and answer session was most interesting because it allowed for open and transparent discussion on real questions members of the audience had for the panelists and for each other. One interesting organisation brought up raising awareness about the intersection between environmentalism and disabilities which is often left out of the conversation. Furthermore, youth representatives called for increasing access and support for the youth to attain NEMA waste management and collection certification. Lastly, EcoEthics was most interested in emphasising the importance of NGOs and CBOs in contributing towards recycling and improving the environment/preventing further environmental degradation within the region. As an NGO we are committed to promote a symbiotic relationship between social structures and the environment, therefore attending and being part of meetings such as this one is one step further towards achieving these goals.

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