Safaricom, NEMA, UNEP, and More Meeting for World Environment Day

On June 4th 2018, Saraficom, NEMA, and UNEP amongst other companies, CBOs, and NGOs took part in a pre-World Environment Day meeting which facilitated open discussion on environmental protection between a wide range of actors throughout Coast Region. The meeting was split into 3 parts: Speakers, Panel, Q&A which many members from a lot of organisations were able to showcase what their organisation has been able to do in furthering goals towards better environmental conditions for all.

World Ocean Day Celebrated in Mombasa, Kenya

On June 8th 2018, members from Eco-Ethics Kenya were able to support and attend World Oceans Day event in Mombasa. World Oceans Day is an international celebration of the oceans and their contribution to the functioning of society. In Mombasa, the event was organised by Kenya Fisheries in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and more organisations such as Eco-Ethics, CONTA, OMESA, etc.

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